R 5065000

Vehicle details



    • LENGTH: 14,00m HEIGHT: 3,90m WIDTH: 2,60

      • High Resistance tubular and curved European Steel standard;
      • MIG welding of all the profiles;
      • Internal anticorrosion protection of the profiles with protective product;
      • External anticorrosion protection with greenBODY / EXTERNAL PANELS
        • Roof with two pieces of cold profiled European Aluminum
        • Side panels of European high-quality aluminum;
        • Luggage compartment flaps with over 2,7 mm Aluminum plate and aluminum tubular profiles;
        • Complete thermal and acoustic isolation of the body;
        • Front roof, front and rear caps made of structured fiberglass;
        • Special fiberglass front and rear bumpers, reinforced with steel structureFLOOR
          • Floor structure: Sunken aisle;
          • High quality hardwood plywood with thickness over 12 mm;
          • Complete thermal and acoustic Insulation with special materials;
          • Synthetic anti-flammable PVC floor covering – High resistance /quality
          • DOORS
            • Front and Centre Irizar pantographic doors (on the Left-Hand side);
            • Sensitive system for accidents and damages prevention as standard;
            • Door mechanism with plastic


Driver Seat                                                                                                        ·    ISRI 6820 pneumatic suspension


  • 3 Point safety belt
  • Integrated headrest
  • Safe with key under the driver seat
  • Upholstered in Black Irizar cloth

Guide Seat

  • Guide seat at entrance step
  • 3 Point safety belt
  • Armrests
  • Upholstered in Black Irizar cloth



Passenger seats

  • 52 x Luxury reclining i6 seats (2 x 2 configuration)
  • Upholstered in Irizar I6 cloth;
  • 2 Point retractable safety belts fitted to all passenger seats;
  • 2 Sets of removable headrest covers, in an Irizar white color
  • Integrated fixed cup holders, magazine nets and armrests
  • All passenger seats fixed on rails as per European security



    • Laminated tinted windshield in TWO PIECES according to European Standards;
    • Bonded side windows: curved, tinted, tempered;
    • Rear dome with rear tintedVENTILATION AND AIR RECYCLING
      • IRIZAR-HISPACOLD Digitally controlled climatic system for air conditioning and 700 cc compressor, 6 motor condensers and 10 brushless motor evaporators. Capacity of over 32.000 Kcal/h; HISPACOLD CLIMA VERSION.
      • Passenger floor convection heating coils
      • Automatic air renovation system and windshield defroster digitally controlled;
      • Driver and guide with independent air outlets and individual motorsINTERNAL EQUIPMENT/CHARACTERISTICS
        • Modesty panel in front of the first row of seats, equipped with tempered glass behind driver to separate him from first passenger row;
        • Closet for documents installed on the right side of the driver;
        • 1 Fire extinguisher with 4 kg;
        • Internal overhead parcel rack with individual air outlets, stop alarm calling and individual lights
        • Manual sun breaker blinds installed at the windshield and the drivers and guide side windows;
        • Pleated curtains fitted to the passenger saloon side and rear window
        • Two emergency exits installed in the roof hatches and 4 side windows driven by hammers according to European ECE 36.
        • Sunken WC at the center door
        • Fridge fitted in the last seating row and in the dashboard



    • Spare tire installed in the front bumper
    • Towing hook installed in front of the vehicle
    • IRIZAR external mirrors with electric command and heating system
  • Heavy-duty rubber mud flaps


    • Central luggage compartment flaps with MANUAL opening system;
    • Luggage capacity of 14 – 16m3, depending on the body configuration
    • Automatic locks (electro pneumatic);
    • All flaps openable, including wheel arches– Good to maintenance access;
    • 615 L Aluminum diesel tank – with access from both sides;
    • Internal protection flaps to avoid internal damages to the covers;
    • Heavy-duty Aluminum plate luggage compartmentINTERNAL / EXTERNAL LIGHTS
      • IRIZAR i6 polycarbonate headlights, Low and high beam with Day Time running lights
      • Fog lights fitted to the front bumper
      • IRIZAR individual tails lights (LED).
      • LED Side, front and rear position lights
      • Aisle LED lights in sunken aisle
      • Saloon illumination composed by LED lights.
      • Internal LED illumination, color white LED


    • All wiring in a White color and with identification references in English according to European Standards;
    • Electric and Pneumatic horn
    • Reverse Camera with New driver interface
    • Electric motor driven vertical pantographic windshield wipers with washer and temporization;
    • Reverse
    • Clock with W.C. occupied sign and external / internal thermometer
    • Electronic destination board – white LEDs
    • Individual 5v USB charging points fitted to the passenger seats
    • Two lap top charging plugs in the parcel shelveENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM
      • Actia entertainment equipment (1 x Front 22” monitor and 2 x Saloon 15” monitors)
      • Media Digital USB and SD Card (MP3 and MP4) “DVD” 16 speakers
      • Radio / CD player for the driver
      • One microphone for the guide with an additional point in the parcel shelve


    • All structure profiles painted with anticorrosion AXALTA-DUPONT PRIMER EPOXY;
    • External coating from AXALTA-DUPONT. Painted in a white color.
    • Body underneath protect with AXALTA-DUPONT special paint rubber based for noise and stone guard protection;
    • Internal part of luggage compartment painted with AXALTA-DUPONT EPOXY;
    • All structure lower profiles internally protected with protective agent for internal corrosion


    • Compliant with all European and local regulations applicable;



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